Helping Nevada Area Families
Celebrate a Life Lived

Our mission at Ryan Funeral Home is to help families celebrate a life lived and loved. Our caring professionals will help to create lasting memories for your family, relatives and friends. We specialize in Celebrations of Life for those that choose either burial or cremation as their final disposition. We also offer families the ability to plan their Celebrations of Life before the time of need.

Dana Shaeffer
Sep. 11, 1941 - Jan. 27, 2019
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Don Hale
Nov. 21, 1923 - Mar. 7, 2019
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Grace Corder
Oct. 31, 1955 - Jan. 27, 2019
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Tradition and Excellence

Welcome to Ryan Funeral Home of Nevada. We believe that our firm plays an important role in guiding families to create meaningful, personalized funerals that honor the lives of their loved ones.

Scott & Connie Huffman, owners of Ryan Funeral Home, are committed to continuing the fine tradition of funeral service that began with the Ryan family in 1943. That is when the first of three generations of Ryan’s came to own the funeral home. The first owners in the family were C.A. and Carolyn Ryan. The business then continued in the family with Chet Ryan until his untimely death at age 68 in 1992. His daughter, Cynthia, who had just graduated from mortuary school, took over the family business and continued to operate it until the sale of the business in 2013.

The Huffman’s promise to maintain the legacy of personalized service that the families of Nevada and surrounding areas have come to expect…today, and far into the future.

From the first call to final disposition, Ryan Funeral Home is dedicated to providing personal, professional, and caring services. If you have experienced a loss, are considering pre-arrangements, or are just browsing our site, our desire is to assist you in any way possible. We invite you to explore the links on this page and thank you for visiting our website.


Ryan Funeral Home offers many different services. At our funeral home, we explain the many different options
in personalizing your service then allowing you to make your own decisions.